Lucky Patcher Apk for Blackberry (Z10) OS – Free Download

lucky Patcher Blackberry:  welcome to this brand new article on Lucky Patcher Apk download. But initially, I will  tell you what is Lucky Patcher Apk is or what are its major features. Do you want to use paid features of premium apps without paying any price or continue using premium features on the free version?

Then you have entered the right page where I am going tell you about how to download official Lucky Patcher apk on blackberry phones? This apk will make your blackberry phone usage experience smoother? first of all, let me  describe what Lucky Patcher actually is.

Lucky Patcher Apk for Blackberry – How to download :

Lucky Patcher Apk for Blackberry (Z10) OS

Lucky Patcher is a great and useful app available for all devices. The best features of  this app include, it help you to block ads from other installed apps on your smartphone, you can simply restore and backup app data, modify app permissions and the most interesting and attracting feature off, bypassing premium features of any Android app without paying any bucks its really amazing.

Now you will be familiar with the  lucky patcher features and Specifications. Beware of Fake Apk Sites and Choose the Official Lucky patcher apk for Blackberry Z10 model. You Can Enjoy Your Favourite lucky patcher app on your blackberry smartphones.

Blackberry’s Official Lucky Patcher Apk Features:

  • Lucky patcher will load all the apps available on your smartphone and appears the list of those apps which have ads.
  • Some apps show Google ads which can be removed by using this patch easily.
  • If there is any premium app installed in your blackberry mobile and which is asking for the license key or in-app purchases, then you can use Lucky patcher to block those pop-ups and continue using those premium features.
  • No rooted smartphone is required to use this patcher app.
  • There are some apps which ask for unwanted permissions, that can also be blocked by Lucky patcher without rooting your device.


Hotmail Account Tips & Tricks – Secrets of Hotmail

Want to know a secret? Well, it is not much of a secret per se. But yes, I wanna call it a secret just because not everyone knows about this simple trick. So what is this secret am I talking about?

Windows Live Hotmail Login is great, and Outlook is great, too. But Windows Live Hotmail working with Outlook, available for paying subscribers of Windows Live Hotmail, is really great.

You can send and receive emails through your Windows Live Hotmail account from within Outlook, and you can archive messages locally.

To access a Windows Live Hotmail account in any desktop email program:


You don’t need a Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscription, though, to download incoming Windows Live Hotmail messages to any desktop email program — or another web-based email service perhaps if it supports fetching mail — using the tried and true post office protocol (POP). Of course, you can send mail using your Windows Live Hotmail address from that email program, too.

Access Free Windows Live Hotmail via POP in Any Email Program.To set up a Windows Live Hotmail account using POP, pick your email program from the list or see below for general settings. Gmail. IncrediMail. iPhone Mail. Mac OS X Mail. Mozilla Thunderbird.Outlook. Outlook Express. Postbox.Sparrow for iPhone.Sparrow for Mac.

Create a new account using the following settings: POP (incoming) server: port: 995.POP SSL required: yes. And that is about it. You should be good to go. And how they say it. Ready to face anything. Just follow my instructions.

Hotmail recovery tips

If you don’t remember your security questions or your alternative E-Mail ID doesn’t exist then there is an alternative way to recover your account by providing all the details regarding your account. You can also try to recover you account if it’s blocked.password reset

First of all steps, as usual, Go to Click on “Can’t access your account?” as shown in the below figure.

Select “I forgot my password”. There are three choices on the usual.

Click on “Reset your password”. Enter your blocked Hotmail ID and the given Captcha as shown in the figure.

Click on “Next” button. Click on “I can’t use any of these options.” When “Recover your Microsoft account” appears, enter your alternative EMail ID under the “Contact email address” and click on “Next” button. When the “Account Info” page appears, fill all the details regarding your account and click on “Submit”. Note that there is no No Need of filling “Billing Information”. Did you catch that ? The next time you should be really careful on handling your account. read more about Hotmail security.

Again, simple steps. Go to your browser. the on your webmail. click on. Forgot Password Button on your monitor screen. Click on “Reset your password”.hotmail verification

Enter your blocked Hotmail ID and the given Captcha as shown in the figure. Click on “Next” button. Click on “I can’t use any of these options.”

When “Recover your Microsoft account” appears, enter your alternative EMail ID under the “Contact email address” and click on “Next” button. When the “Account Info” page appears, fill all the details regarding your account.

How To Protect Your Hotmail Account By Simple Hacks

I will not teach you how to hack to an account, rather I will teach how real hackers do so. So you can be prepared. Prevention is better than cure. The best way to hack into a Hotmail account is to compromise victim’s computer and retrieve passwords, therefore we have released a book which explains secret techniques to hack into a Hotmail account, so you can protect your account from being hacked. Pass words are the crucial

Make it tricky as much as possible and unique. URL way, This is the most easiest way For hack Hotmail password.All that you need in this method is the victim’s username. The method is simple. all that you need to do is type ” “. Html way, This too is the very simple method to hack Hotmail account password . just go to Now type the username. Press login. You will get an error message. Now you need to look at the source code of the page( view>>page source). In the code, you are going to find “action=some adress”. Now simply copy their address and you are in. This it. same conditions as above apply here i.e user must not log out. Hotmail phishing: You can create the fake page for hacking Hotmail passwords that look same like the Hotmail site. You will find the exact details at this page on creating fake pages.Just remember one thing to change method = post and your e-mail id in the action field . If you don’t know HTML please learn it and then use it.I have added a post on How to create a fake login page for any site. Those are only some of many. So be careful who you

How to delete all emails at once Hotmail?

Deleting all emails at once may take us sometimes especially if you have thousands of emails including all old, junk, spam emails you got for the past 10 years. Though email providers already made our lives easier. From sorting to organizing our emails, they helped us up to cleaning and deleting our Inbox and other folders. Here is a guide on how to delete all your emails at once aside from deleting your account and making a new one. hotmail inbox

Please take note that we can delete messages by FOLDER only and not all messages all at the same time. Deleting all messages at once may be possible if the user does not have different folders for messages.
Just follow the steps on deleting all emails at once:
Step 1
Log in to your email account.
Step 2
On this step, this should be done for each FOLDER.
From the INBOX, hover your mouse to show the box next to the word INBOX.
Step 3
Check the box to mark all the messages.
Step 4
Click DELETE and all the messages will be deleted and you are done.
Follow all the steps up until to the last folder together with the DELETED ITEMS if you wish to totally delete all messages.
Make sure you double check your messages before clicking delete. Do take note that once you delete everything from the DELETED ITEMS, you cannot retrieve any messages anymore. You cannot revert the process anymore.

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