GM Diet Plans: Foods that Should be Avoided to be Fit

GM Diet Plans: You must have already heard about your colleagues, family members, friend uttering about their fat loss with a great anxiety. They seem to be so concerned about losing their waistline fats. Well, we all search for losing the fats as soon as possible just with one magical diet, as to get an instant result. But if you do seek out in the market you will find tonnes of diet idea available, matter is how you do really know about which diet work exactly and which doesn’t?

Well, it’s been seen that General Motors diet has been there since 1985. Basically, this was developed by the General Motors in collaboration with Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture for their respective employees.

Foods that Should be Avoided to be Fit

General Motors diet

  • They should avoid eating vegetables on their work hour.
  • The main fruit that should be avoided is Banana.
  • The employees also should avoid eating the protein containing foods such as beans, fish, eggs, meat, mushrooms and lentils.
  • Fats and oils are the first priority that they should be avoiding such as safflower oil, butter, lard, and margarine.
  • In terms of beverages, they should totally avoid it like, soda, alcohol, vegetable juice, packaged fruits juices, sweetened drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes.
  • The food that contains rich in carbs should also be avoided such as brown rice, etc.
  • IF you do speak about the dairy foods, it’s a yes that you should be avoiding it such as cheese, ice cream, full-fat milk, frozen yoghurt and fat yoghurt.

Well, you seem to be so sad about the list that should be avoided but doesn’t worry you can take some substitute foods that I will share with you. Go for Apple, Guava, Orange, Watermelon, Cantaloupe etc.

GM Diet Plan Tips: According to some of the experts it is highly advised to have a glass of water after eating an apple for the breakfast. Watermelons can be a good choice for you to lose a pound of weight by the end of the day.

So, here are some of the few diet tips to maintain fitness. However, I would personally recommend you to go through this diet plan on your daily basis. Failing to do so will lead you to grow more fats in your waistline. Hope so you enjoy the diet plan, stay fit and healthy.

Install and Download Whatsapp for Samsung Galaxy Champ

WhatsApp Messenger is an essential application for your Samsung mobile device these days. It is an application which helps you in sending free messages worldwide and it currently has become number one in terms of downloads due to its usability, simplicity and, above all, because it is a free application for your Samsung mobile. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the best option because it allows you to leave behind expensive messenger applications and allows SMS at no cost, with all contacts in your address book and even those who are not part of it.

The advantages of having your Samsung smartphone with this WhatsApp application are endless. You can send text messages and can include documents such as images, voice files, videos, emoticons. You can also create groups of friends and friends to have a conversation in a group and can chat with your contacts who are far if your device has WhatsApp installed.

WhatsApp for Samsung has a simple and easy usability, intuitive and effective interface. It costs nothing to become familiar with it because its operation is intuitive. Being compatible with any platform, from your Samsung allows you can stay connected with your loved ones 24 hours a day and every day of the year. No interruptions, because of WhatsApp, unlike other messaging platforms, allows you to be online whenever you want it. If you can not use WhatsApp when you do not have a data rate, you always have the option to connect via Wi-Fi.

In addition, the latest developments present in WhatsApp allows you to hide your last login, a fact that many users already demanded that to keep your privacy to the fullest. You just need to go to settings and account info seeking new option has been enabled which allows you to adjust the privacy and decide who can and who will not see the last time you have connected any time without installing any other applications. A giant step that will help you keep a secret, if you wish, your last login.

Download Whatsapp for Samsung:

If despite all the attractive benefits WhatsApp on Samsung it is up to you to decide. Doing so is very simple, with a simple click offers an instant messaging application-art of time totally free. After one year only need to pay one euro to continue to enjoy an excellent service, with the best performance, a world leader in its sector.

How To Download Whatsapp for Samsung:

* On the Data Connection in your mobile.
* Open Google’s Play Store.
* Search for Whatsapp.
* After finding it click on install after agreeing its terms and policies.
* After downloading it fill your information and use to the fullest extent.

Xiaomi Mi 4 to Launch on January 28th in India under Rs.20,000

Xiaomi Chinese electronics legend & world’s 3rd largest smartphone distributor confirmed the release of Mi 4 Smartphone in India. Xiaomi India head revealed that phone is to be released in India on January 28th and would be under Rs.20, 000.

The Mi 4 Version is 4G Version is priced at $379.99 which is generally around Rs.23,474. Though India’s price is generally similar Xiaomi planned to surprise its fans with much lower price.

The Phone has 5 Inch IPS Display with 1920*1080 pixels resolution at 441ppi and Corning Glass 3 Protection. This runs with 2.5 GHz quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm 801 CPU with 3GB RAM.

The Phone runs Android 4.4.3 KitKat Operating System sugarcoated with MIUI 6 and the phone offers 13MP Rear Camera along with 8M Front Camera.

The Rear Camera will be supported with 4K Video Recording.The Phone will support 4G LTE Network along with 3g, WiFi, and Bluetooth which is powered by 3080mAh Battery.


  • 5-Inch Display
  • Android 4.3 Kitkat Operating System
  • 5GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB/64GB Internal Memory
  • 13MP Rear Camera
  • 8M Front Camera
  • 4G, 3G, 2G Connectivity
  • 3080mAh Battery

Free Voice Calling Features Rolls out for WhatsApp New Users in India

WhatsApp is testing free voice calling feature on limited users in India. It seems that whatsapp speed up this launch process to meet the Hike’s challenge. This is not the reason to former worry about as this has the second largest user base resides on these sores, while latter is trying to catch it up.

The free voice calling function appears to be available on invite-only basis at present. This means that you have to get a call through WhatsApp from someone who has it. This release is restricted only to Android users for now and users are reported to accessible to the newest version 2.11.508 of the messenger app.

Free Voice Calling Features for Whatsapp:

Software update is not available for the users through Google Play Store, but this can be downloaded as APK File via the Official WhatsApp website section for Android. News and Images were picked up by GSM Arena through Reddit member dubbed pradnesh07 who was able to make use of it on a Nexus 5 Smart Phone which is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As per the tipster on Reddit, people started seeing VoIP feature which merely picks up the voice calls made through the WhatsApp restarting. Some folks should re-install the application before able to enjoy the free voice calling. Invite based launch is very clear making the things taken slowly.

If you accidentally treated the WhatsApp’s Voice Calling function then users will notice the icon for it’s beside the chats and contacts tabs. For some trying to dial up a contact using free VoIP Calling option is said to bring the list of apps through which the call can be placed, including Google’s Stock dial-pad.

Telecom companies in India are acting like cry babies over the fact that customers are showing increasing preferences for web-based applications like Whats App, Skype, Line and Viber to communication with other persons. Companies taken up the issue of regulating Internet based services with TRAI to staunch the loss of SMS and Voice Revenues.

It’s possible that this is one reason for WhatsApp released the free voice calling feature in a limited way. It also gives the company time and feedback, both which will be needed to iron out any noisome bugs.

Download Showbox for PC Windows 7/8/8.1 / iPhone & Android

Show box is an application available for smartphones powered by Android OS. By just installing this application on your smartphones you can browse through movies and TV shows on your smart phone.

This application serves download link as well as the streaming link. This application also brings the IMDB ratings along with the teaser of the movie so that you become comfortable to choose a movie to watch, also you can see the screenshots of the movie or TV show to know about it.

There would be many situations where you would missing your favorite TV shows or Movies. By using Showbox you need not think of missing any of your shows. Here you can browse your favorite shows and watch them, there is also an access to download the show or the movie.

In this session Iam going to tell you a way to make this android supporting application to install on your PC ans alos download showbox for Iphone . Yes, you can install this wonderful application on your PC for any knid of windows like Windows 7/8/8.1 .

Features of Showbox :

  • The best thing about show Box is that it is free.
  • It has huge and interesting collection of Movies and TV series.
  • It doesn’t contains any of the annoying and interrupting advertisements.
  • You can find the Genre and the IMDB rating of the before you watch it.
  • You can even download the movies or shows directly.

How to download and Install Showbox on your PC Windows 7/8/8.1 :

The official version of Showbox for PC has not yet have been available. But even then you can install this application on your PC. For this to happen you need to have an Emulator which is an Android platform for the Windows. So firstly we will have to download Bluestacks, which is a good Android Emulators among others. And then we will install Showbox through that Emulator.

Bluestacks is a platform for all the android applications to be installed and use them on a PC, Mac and TV. Everyone may not have the smart phones which support the Android Applications. For those who are having PC’s without a smart phone this Bluestack helps us to install the Android Applications on our PC.  If you are dying to to run Android Applications on your machine, then you will have to check out this Bluestacks App player which is an Android emulator for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1.

For Downloading Bluestacks : Go Here

After downloading Bluestacks from the above link, complete the installation of the Bluestacks which is very simple. It can be done by opening the file which you have downloaded and click Run when prompted.

Download Showbox APK File :

You need to download the APK file of Showbox. Go to the below link to download the APK file of Showbox. This is a small file of just 2MB size.

Download Showbox APK File : Go Here

You can also install Whatsapp on your PC by using Bluestacks. For complete procedure : Go Here

Procedure for Installing Showbox :

Follow the steps given below for an easy installation of Showbox after completing your installation of Bluestacks.

Step1: Go to the Folder to where you have downloaded the Showbox APK File.

Step2: Right Click on the file and open it by using Bluestacks Apk Handler. The screen appears as follows.

Step3: After opening the file by using Bluestacks Apk Handler, the installation of Showbox will start and completes within a moment.

Step4: Now open your Bluestacks App Player in which you can find your installed Showbox application in it. Now the screen appears as follow.

Step5: If you dint find the application on the home screen click on All Apps, where you can find Showbox App.

Step6: Open the Showbox by clicking on it. You can find all the movies and TV shows. Enjoy watching them.


This article shows you how to download and install Showbox which is very useful application to watch all your favourite movie and TV shows. This ends the session. Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment boxes below for any error or doubts you come across while installing the application. Thanks for being patient.

How to Install Popcorn Time for Mac OS X System

Popcorn Time for Mac OS X

It’s simple to install Popcorn Time in Mac OS x but it need requires bypassing gatekeeper. Gaterkeeper is a native OS X feature to prevent unknown installation of potentially harmful software. Popcorn Time for iPad is generally considered secure to install so don’t be worried of getting viruses, malware etc.

How to Install Popcorn Time on Mac OS X:

To protect users from accidentally installing harmful apps on their Mac OS X system, Apple has changes a security measure. It prevents unknown source installation of apps downloaded anywhere else than Apple’s own App Store. Since Popcorn Time for obvious reasons isn’t in there, Gatekeeper has to be bypassed if you need to install any of the Popcorn Time apps on your Mac.

Popcorn Time for Mac OS X

Clicking the installer makes an information box appear displaying the message Popcorn Time can’t able to open because it is from an unidentified developer. This is Gatekeeper doing its job and the only choice is to close the box without installing the program.

Opportunely, Gatekeeper isn’t meant to be ironclad so you can both very simple and safely bypass it. So in order to install Popcorn Time iOS on your Mac, this is the only way to do it.

The easiest way about it is to simply right-click (or control+click) the downloaded .dmg file and “open”. A dialogue box will ask the user to decide whether or no to install an app from an unknown source. If you want to run and install Popcorn Time you need to select “ok” option.

The first time using the app you’ll see yet one more attention box asks you that “Popcorn Time is an application install from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” along with info regarding where and when it was downloaded?. Click open to start the app and never see the box again.

Movie Box Apk Download | MovieBox For Android, PC

Movie Box Apk Download | MovieBox For Android

Are you facing difficulties going to movie theatre due to hectic works? If it is so, then you don’t need to worry longer because you can easily get all the funs and entertainment for free without any charges through your Android devices and iOS or just any Smartphone.

Movie Box is one of the biggest online streaming platforms where you can enjoy watching all your favorite daily TV shows like game of thrones season 7 spoilers, latest movies, music videos, animism, cartoons and many others for free absolutely with full HD picture quality without buffering and disturbances.

Movie Box application is loved and used by millions of peoples all across the world. All the movies are available in this application with great HD picture quality that provides along with the subtitles of your preferable languages which will be easier for anyone to understand it easily.

Best about Movie Box application is that it gets updated every month, as well as different genres and categories, are provided too in this app.

This application is compatible while watching any entertainments you can also download any videos and movies for free and watch it offline whenever you are free. Watch your favorite Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Live Streaming Online only on movie box app.

Features of Movie Box APK:

Movie Box is one of the most amazing applications with an excellent cool feature where you can stream all the entertainments online as well as download it for free for offline enjoyment.

Movie Box Apk Download | MovieBox For Android

Check out the cool features of Movie Box applications given below:

  1. Through this application, you don’t require to sign up for watching any movies as well as you can download this amazing for free entirely.
  2. Movie Box gives you multiples of the option to select such as captions and subtitles where you can select your preferable languages while watching.
  3. The user interface of Movie Box is one of the easiest processes which are very clean as well as very simple and easy to use.
  4. Movie Box gets updated daily with new titles.
  5. All the entertainments that are provided for free are all with HD supports which are the best picture quality.
  6. Through this Movie Box application, you can easily download your favorite movies while you are streaming anything online and store it for watching offline.

How to download Movie Box APK:

Downloading Movie Box is very easy since the application is already available on your Android Smartphone devices in the biggest platforms of an application store.

Follow the process given below to download Movie Box APK:

  1. First of all, you need to visit your android devices biggest store for applications i.e. Google play store.
  2. On the searching bar of the app store type Movie Box and press enter.
  3. You will get multiples of options regarding on the Movie Box applications, so all you need to do is just select one appropriate and genuine one and press enter.
  4. While the downloading process is going on, you will need to wait for some time patiently until it is successfully downloaded.
  5. Try using an active internet connection of 3G 4G or Wi-Fi for fast downloading.
  6. When the downloading is completed the app will automatically get installed, or if not then you just need to press on the installing buttons.
  7. When everything is done, try opening the application, once checking is required and important to make sure whether the application is working smoothly or not so that in case if any issues regarding the application then you can easily uninstall it and download it from the beginning.
  8. But if everything is working out smoothly then you can open the applications and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies with HD supports along with subtitles.

So, these are how you can easily download the greatest and amazing online streaming apps and enjoy watching movies and TV shows.

So also you can download it for viewing offline whenever you are free. You don’t need to worry about the application because it is legal and genuine.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader APK 2016

TubeMate Youtube video downloader is a free version video downloader application which downloads the video from the web. This will help you to download Your Favourite videos from the Youtube. TubeMate Youtube Downloader Will be the Best app in recent times.

Tubemate is now available in many versions, as they have also come up with the latest new version that is with the best features in it. If you already have an experience using Tubemate on your device, then you should probably go for this latest version that is already available in the market.

Features of Tubemate latest Apk:

tubemate youtube downloader

Here are some of the unique features of latest Tubemate Apk, you can certainly judge it along with the previous version that you have already used. Check out some of the cool features of Tubemate latest Apk.

  • Tubemate will support you with the best resolution ever, and else you can choose the best resolution according to your standard on your device. The resolution settings may vary from the different device, so you just need to check out your device settings for best picture quality.
  • This app will also provide you with different formats like Mp4, MEGP, and FLV. This is the formats that are available with these apps, and you can download any videos according to your wish. You can also download the videos in a Mp3 version for your device.
  • You can also watch videos online without any buffering and interruption, even with the moderate internet connection. The advantage is that you don’t require a 3G connection.
  • The best part of this app is that you will be notified with the notification on your home screen. It will actually show the status of your downloaded files in your device.

If you are still using the old version of Tubemate on your device then probably you should send it to the trash and get the latest Tubemate that is already available in the market. Try the latest new version of Tubemate Apk on your device and experience the unique features of this app. Make sure that you do follow the steps given above because failing to do so it may cause failure during your installation. Please do feel free to ask me anything that is related to this app.

Watch House of Cards series Online Stream – All Seasons

watch House of Cards series online

Because of House of Cards, like all Netflix series drops all seasons in a single go, it’s been hard to figure out quite how to describe or talk about the series.


An article like this one, appearing about a week and a half after the show’s fourth season released, comes too late for many of the show’s viewers; they’ve truly accepted the season already and moved on. For others, it’s too early, possibly by years—since Netflix’s entire strategy is to construct a library of concept that fans can watch anytime.

This confusion over how to think about Netflix shows tends to lead to overpraising by default. There’s so small coherent conversation about the shows’ faults that series like the uneven Orange is the New Black or the objectionably bad Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt get treated as masterful.

Here You Watch all seasons, episodes of House of Cards only on cinema box hd app. There is no extra pay for HD quality. Enjoy this amazing app by downloading it.

The same situation has happened with House of Cards over its run. Its first some seasons were all nominated for Best Drama Emmys, while series leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have both won Golden Globes, which is a wild overreaction to a show that has no exact desire to be “good” in the way, say, Mad Men or Better Call Saul are good.

Watch House of Cards series online:


But in its fourth season, more than ever before, House of Cards is embracing its silly side. It’s not the great drama on TV, but it knows enough to know that such a title would be no entertainment.

The show’s new batch of episodes abandon any pretense of being concerned with policy, a welcome change after “America Works” and a Vladimir Putin stand-in weighed down the third (and worst) season.

Instead, they rearrange similar characters into new permutations; in one of the season’s most popular dramatic conceits, different kinds journalists from the show’s early going re-emerge, like ex-husbands of Erica Kane, forced to acts of violence or of conspiracy movement.

[Uber App] Download – Install on iOS, iPhone

All About Uber App:

Uber App: Late for attending your important meeting or late for your date? And what you see your vehicle tire is flat without air. At this moment if you don’t get any taxi or public transport all your work will go wrong. So is there any solution for this situation that you are facing? Yes, there is, you can easily book a cab from your device easily, and the taxi will arrive at you within few minutes, and I am very much sure the cab will not make you late. You may be thinking about which am I talking about? Yes, you have got it right I am talking about the most popular cab booking app that is Uber App.

Here, first of all, I am going to share you about the features of the Uber app because according to me one must know about the features before you download any app on your device. So here below I have given all the amazing features of the Uber partner driver app.

Exciting Features of Uber App:


  1. User Interface is very Easy.
  2.  You will never be late With Uber app. After you book a cab with Uber you just give a call to your driver and your taxi will be in front of you with 1-3 minutes.
  3. The paying process is so easy,  you can pay to Uber after you reach your destination in cash Or by PayPal account.
  4. Uber is affordable, Uber the charges will be Be affordable and Transparent. So you will not be fooled by the taxi drivers anymore. If you want to have more premium ride with Uber, then you can also go for the premium offer.

Uber provides an extraordinary service to its customers, Uber services never disappoint their customers. They Have a fair price charges and You can also get the uber coupons to get free rides. Uber Provides Special coupons to Their new and existing customers.

So this is all the amazing features of Uber that you will get by downloading the app on your device.

Download and Install Uber app for iOS:

Here below I am going to share you about how to download and install this Uber app on your iOS device.

[Uber App] Download

1. For installing Uber app on your iOS device, you will need to go to the app store.

2. Now search for the Uber app in the search box of the App store.

3. Now click on the app icon and then click on the INSTALL button and then wait for some time.

4.  After some time you will get a notification saying that your app is successfully installed on your device.

This is it after you do all this the app will be successfully installed on your iOS device.